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These 4 Legitimate Companies Will Give You Free Stocks

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We’re all about freebies around here. Free gift cards? Heck yeah! Free money? Sign us up! Free stocks? Even better — they could increase in value over time!

And before you ask: Yes, there is a such thing as free stocks. We know, we know. It sounds too good to be true, but you just have to know where to look — and that’s where we can help you.

We researched the best, most legitimate investment companies, apps and trading platforms that offer something for free:

1. Stash: Get $5 in Amazon or Google Stock

Imagine if you had bought one share of Amazon for $18 when the stock first went public. Today, it would be worth more than $20,000 — despite all the ups and downs in the stock market.

But if you work for a living and don’t happen to have millions of dollars lying around, that can sound totally out of reach.

That’s why a lot of people use the app Stash. They’ll give you $5 of stock in Amazon (or another company of your choice) just for opening an account. 

The best part? When these companies profit, so can you. Some companies even send you a check every quarter for your share of the profits, called dividends.

How to claim your free bonus: It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up and get your bonus stock — you may even just get a share of the “next Amazon.”

With Stash, all your investments are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) — that’s industry talk for, “Your money’s safe.”2

2. Robinhood: Get up to $200 in Free Stock

Here’s the thing about millionaires: They know the sooner you start investing, the better. And we found a company that will give you free stock to get started. An investing app called Robinhood will give you up to $200 worth of free stock in companies like Visa, Microsoft and GE, just for downloading its app and opening a free account.

Robinhood is free and easy to navigate, which is why more than 10 million people use it — including both news junkies looking to outsmart the market and people who want to carefully put a few bucks away in a long-term investment.

How to claim your free stock: It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up and see how much free stock you can get.

3. Acorns: Invest 15 Cents and Get $5 in Bonus Stock

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: 15 cents? How’s that going to do me any good?

Well, that leftover change from your morning coffee and evening grocery hauls could turn into more than $1,000.

That’s what happened when Penny Hoarder reader Jeremy Kolodziej opened an investment account with Acorns. The app’s round-up feature bumps each of your purchases up to the nearest dollar and puts the spare change into the stock market, which helped him mindlessly save $1,076 in about 20 months.

“It’s a virtual coin jar,” he says. “You don’t even think about it.” He used the spare change to pay for two vacations.

Plus, Acorns will give you a bonus $5 in stock!

How to claim your free stock: When you sign up for Acorns through The Penny Hoarder, you’ll get a $5 bonus.

4. Webull: Get up to $1,600 in Free Stock

Are you new to investing? Or are you an experienced trader who keeps tabs on the stock market? Either way, there’s an app you ought to check out. It’s called Webull, and it’s a commission-free stock trading platform that’s super easy to use.

If you sign up and deposit $100 into your Webull account, you’ll get two free stocks. Each has a value ranging from $8 to $1,600. It’s like a lottery. You might suddenly find yourself getting a $1,600 stock for free — a nice bonus to help you build your investments!

If you’re not quite ready to dive in head-first, you can try out Webull with the equivalent of digital Monopoly money. You start with 1 million fake dollars’ worth of virtual money in your account. You can practice with a stock-trading simulator and test out different investment strategies without the risk of losing any of your real money.

There are no commission fees, so you can buy and sell stocks and ETFs for free. If you’re a newbie, Webull offers seminars and an online community. If you’re more experienced, it has a bunch of tools and intuitive charts you can use to steer your investments.

There’s no minimum investment required to get started, and it takes only minutes to sign up.

1Not all stocks pay out dividends, and there is no guarantee that dividends will be paid each year.

2To note, SIPC coverage does not insure against the potential loss of market value.

For Securities priced over $1,000, purchase of fractional shares starts at $0.05.

*Offer is subject to Promotion Terms and Conditions. To be eligible to participate in this Promotion and receive the bonus, you must successfully open an individual brokerage account in good standing, link a funding account to your Invest account AND deposit $5.00 into your Invest account.

The Penny Hoarder is a Paid Affiliate/partner of Stash. 

Investment advisory services offered by Stash Investments LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser. This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk. 

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